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"I could cry just thinking about the performances. Eddie Shields, in particular, was a tour-de-force marvel as Prior, as was Zach Fike Hodges as Louis, who had the daunting task of remaining relatively likable while behaving in some very unlikable of the greatest casts I've seen on a Boston stage."

- Christopher Ehlers,

EDGE Media Network



"Hodges depicts Louis as deeply flawed yet remorseful."

- Lynne Weiss, Stage and Cinema

"...a triumph of staging and performance...nothing is held back..."

- Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

"Hodges weaves impulsively in out of the five stages of grief"

- The Sleepless Critic

Parts One and Two

by Tony Kushner
directed by Eric Tucker

Hodges has something of an unenviable task in playing Louis Ironson — a character marked by neuroses, destructive choices, and immaturity at odds with the adult he pretends to be. He chooses to let those contradictions shine forth, and the resultant mess of a person is fascinating to watch.

-Sam Marchiony, MEDIUM

Screen Shot 2023-11-01 at 7.17_edited.png

Zach Fike Hodges [portrays Louis Ironson] with a delicate balance

of [his] most endearing and annoying traits."

- Terry Byrne, WBUR

"As the intellectually acute but emotionally frayed Louis, Zach Fike Hodges does a terrific job, making him at once vulnerable, loving and appealing, and at the same time, pathetic. His eloquence in a diversionary over-the-top speech about democracy late in the show – in a sizable Kushner word-salad – is noteworthy."

 – BADMan (aka Charles Munitz), Boston Arts Diary

"Zach Fike Hodges perfectly conveys Louis as both sensitive and neurotic."

-Kevin T. Baldwin, METRMAG

"Hodges portrays Louis with sympathy; we can see he is truly frightened and overwhelmed despite his self-hatred."

 – Michele Markarian, Theater Mirror


"Zach Fike Hodges plays Louis with every ounce of neurotic ambivalence the role calls for and we can’t help but forgive him for his shortcomings."

 – Lynne Weiss, Stage and Cinema


"Most importantly, the whole ensemble works together seamlessly to give Kushner's words their due."

 – Josh Gartka, Talkin Broadway


Louis Ironson, Prior's boyfriend who leaves him in his time of need - convincingly portrayed by Zach Fike Hodges - is decidedly unsympathetic. That there were and are people like Louis, whose selfishness and self-pity allow them to eschew decency and humanity in favor of self-preservation, makes his actions no easier to condone."

 – R. Scott Reedy, Broadway World

Perestroika_314 2.jpg

"Zach Fike Hodges finds all of Louis’ Jewish guilt and self- doubts."

– Jules Becker,

Bay Windows

CBS Boston interview w/ Zach and Lee Mikeska Gardner, Artistic Director of Central Square Theatre

GBH Open Studio with Jared Bowen interview w/ Zach and Eric Tucker, Artistic Director of BEDLAM

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Screen Shot 2023-07-30 at 3.08.46 PM.png


music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson

directed by Sammi Cannold

conducted by Steven Reineke

musical supervision by Sean Mayes

orchestrations by Sean O'Loughlin


The ensemble of theatrical talent and vocalists here was tightly knit together and all were at the top of their game... [a] once in a lifetime musical experience celebrating the work of the musical genius that is Jonathan Larson...

Larson’s beloved work moved the audience to tears, laughter and vigorous applause after each musical moment. The lush yet biting orchestrations by Sean O’Loughlin were played with sublime resonance and clarity by the National Symphony Orchestra aided by a top-notch group of theatrical talent.

- David Friscic, BroadwayWorld

L to R (top): Sean Mayes, Jimmie Herrod, Ted Guzman, Awa Sal Secka, Nova Payton, Myles Frost, Lorna Courtney, Andrew Barth Feldman, Alex Boniello, Zach Fike Hodges, Sammi Cannold

L to R (bottom): Quynh-My Luu, Ali Stroker, Terrance Johnson

Photos by Nick Piacente

See Playbill photo feature here.
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